Orqwood Software does web sites (HTML, CSS, JavaScript (DHTML) and CGI/mod_perl stuff) and various little pieces of hackery - especially the Perl 5 variety of such.

The software available through this site is the product of our relentless fight for beauty on Earth - and in software particularly.

If you must know more about us and our aims, you may consult the about page. But be adviced not to dwell there. There are indications, that too much information can be harmful to your sanity.


If you came here for info about Notabile - go here instead.


This is a Perl module. Get it from CPAN.

DWH_File is all about transparency and object persistence in Perl. There's a dedicated DWH_File page here on this site, where we hope to post valuable samples and discussions in the future.



This is an editor for the legendary Korg PolySix synthesizer. It runs on ancient macintoshes. We're not sure what the requirements are, but it will work with for instance System 7.5 an 7.6

It may be possible to persuade us to make a version that will run under more recent system versions for the Mac, so if you have the need, give it your best shot (here).

When ressources are available, we will write some sort of user's manual. Until then we hope, that knowing that the editor works by pretending to be a taperecorder and that you must connect the tape-out jack on the synthesizer to the sound input on your Mac and the sound ouput of the Mac to the tape-in jack on the PolySix.

Browse the menus - you'll probably get the idea. The knobs can be turned by dragging the black indicator.